A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Darkness grows stronger. The rifts will not mend. Some boundaries are not meant to be broken.

You were searching for arcane secrets, but instead the arcane found you. Neither can escape alone.

Arcane Secret is a puzzle platformer where you play as an adventurer in search of hidden arcane knowledge, now desperately trying to escape a wizard’s tower.

Diane Sparks - Programmer
Nichole Wong - Programmer
Anthony Hou - Programmer
Rami Shreim - Artist
Garrison Finley - Artist
Chase Taylor - Designer
Jennifer Siino - Writer, Producer
Jay Bernstein  - Audio

Drenn s Runes Font by Fallkhar

Made for VGDC Proto Game Jam 2019


ArcaneSecret_Windows.zip 20 MB
ArcaneSecret_OSX.zip 22 MB
ArcaneSecret_Linux.zip 33 MB

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